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Friday, 27 January 2012

Pryamage Card and Tutorial


Today I am going to share with you a baby card I made using the Pyramage sheets.  I created a tutorial to show how I created my pyramage image digitally using MS Word.  I hope you find the information useful.

For this tutorial I will use Digital Pryamage Sheets from Scrapper’s Delights.   I came up with this tutorial because I wanted to save on the amount of ink I used.  If I would have printed out each square image or only a few, it would have used more ink.
Open up a MS Word document and insert your Pryamage Sheet.  Make copies of the entire sheet for the numbr of each square you would like to use.  For example if you decided that 5 layers were enough for you, then you would copy the entire sheet five times.  You will crop the 5 layers that you want to work with.  PLEASE NOTE:  You don’t have to use all the Pryamage Squares it really depends on the look you would like to achieve.
Then use the cropping tool to crop out the squares that you want to work with.  Be sure to keep the sizing the same as the original sheet.  This is important when you begin to assemble them.  You want them to fit perfectly and not be disproportioned.

Once you have all your layers cropped, then you can add shadowing to your images.  Click on a layer and at the top of your toolbar your “Pictures Tools” tab should pop up.  While still having your layer selected click on the “Picture Tools” tab and select “Picture Effects, Shadow and Outer.”  Dependingon what version of MS Word you are using there are several outer shadows to choose from.  You can click on the different shadows and see which one works for you.  For the sample below, I chose Outer, Offset Diagonal bottom right.  (This step could be done after you have grouped your images together as well.)
Group your images together (using the Grouping tool under the Drawing Tools), which will allow you to move the images as one image instead of separately.   You can now print your image off and cut out one square (instead of 5).  Also, you could copy your image into Paint and save it as a jpeg or png for future use.           

Hope you give it a try!  Stop by Scrapper's Delights store and pick up your very on Pyramage Sheets. 


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  1. Thank you so much Candy for sharing your tips & inspiration.
    Love Janice