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Friday, 9 January 2015


Hi everyone
I am experiencing MAJOR problems with Facebook at the moment!
I have been targeted by facebook for a random security check and account verification.
This is were you are given a set of RANDOM personal photo's from ANY Friend or Member on your account.....WELL this is proving very difficult as I have friends from my facebook games or my business and I have no CLUE of the random image of a baby , dog, Birthday party group or wedding photo to who the account belongs to so I keep failing the security check and it will not let you try again for a few hours!

The only other thing you can do is provide an official government photo id and as I have no passport etc I have none so I do apologise I will get in as soon as I jump through all the hoops Facebook needs me to.
If you need me please email me on

Big Hugs Janice

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