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Wednesday, 15 February 2017


I wish to let you know that I am un able to access the email
that the Sponsorship were under and it is unclear when
I will be able to BUT not only that and it is embarrassing to say that I do not have a list of those challenges I was sponsoring.
I know that is so not professional and we live and learn...
it is not an excuse but my PC failed me and I had to get an new one but alas I thought I took all the info from it but ....I did not.
This email is not under my account and made by my Sponsorship Team Leader and she is un accessible at the moment through no fault of her own and I know when she is able to reach me she will.
So it is with sad regret that for the near future
I will need to cancel any Sponsorship dates for the coming month(s)
As soon as we can get back in to communicate with you all we will update you.
My sincerest apologizes
Love Janice
AKA Scrapper's Delights

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