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Friday, 20 January 2012


Hi everyone XXX
I just want to remind everyone of the last freebie if you missed it before I introduce the next one 

Here is a card I made
using the "I Love U" Digi which can be found HERE
and my "Angel 4" Digi found HERE

I am still very new to card making and am getting more adventitious as time goes on.
I was not a great lover of  cards with lots of embellishments and everything had to be symmetrical lol
The highly embellished cards are really growing on me
and I have just put in an order for lots of goodies from e-bay .....
just waiting for them to arrive ...
hurry up I want to play! giggles

Well working with what limited paper crafting products that I have I made this card
it is a bit minimalist but still cute!

I made this for my mum "Just because I want to tell her how much I love her"
Gushy I know lol

Thank you so much for reading my post
This is a big adventure for me and a new creative outlet that I am
So thank you for taking this journey with me.

Freebie Time!
With Valentines Day just round the corner I thought these would be cute!
I have done some texture lines which gives it that look of shiny metal....
use it as a guide for blending lots of your color shades
or just color over as is will not be seen...
the choice is yours!

Do not forget to join in my challenge which can be found HERE

I hope you enjoy this freebie,
thank you again for all your sweet comments you add to the bottom of your order
if you add your comments here I will be able to respond :)
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  1. Hi there, I think it takes some time to get used to these cards with ton of embellis, I am also slowly getting more and more on my cards, and LOVE it! But sometimes it is nice to have more clean look, I think it is the change that is nice. I look forward to see what kind of embellis you have bought!
    I really like your clean card, then your digi is in focus!
    hugs Sandra

    1. Thank you Sandra i have all the embellishments now.
      i can not wait to work with them I have a few cards I still need to show that i did before they arrived but I am sure there will be an improvement lol

      oh I also got a mini sewing machine ! Woo Hoo I think that might take some time to get use to as I have never been good with them especially setting the thread up lol
      Big hugs Love Janice