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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kitten calling

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There are always loads of little extra sentiments on Scrapper's digi stamps.  They come as a zip file with loads of bits and bobs.  I don't very often really use them - but I had a bit if an idea.

I made gift tags in my Word program - and I feel so smug with myself

This is what I did.

Open your Word (or other text) program.  The reason I used Word is that there are already set shapes that you can insert with out drawing them.

Insert a shape - what ever you want

Use the - insert a text box feature to create a box inside the tag shape
then - from inside your text box - use insert a picture to add your text.

Then you make the text box line 'no colour' - or a fancy line.

You can easily fiddle about with size and angles to get the look you want

Then - print onto your card stock - and you can still colour and decorate to make it personal

I know this is very basic and simple - but we all have to start somewhere!

kitten xx

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