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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Hi everyone, as we crafters are apt to do...the day of one holiday we start planning our projects for the next! Sometimes during that process we make some design or technique choices that just don't work out!  Let's take that journey and see where I what I end up with. After that I have a funny story to tell you all. I am sure most of you can relate!
So let's take a look.

Step 1:  The first thing I did was print out the image twice.
This allows for any mistakes I may make in coloring. Most times while I am coloring in the minutest detail....that is when the dog decides to jump on my lap. So you can see I printed our little beauty out twice. I used Copic paper in my printer because that seems to work the best when using Copic Markers.

                                                              Step 2:

Well I decided that I wanted to do some inking and thought this shape would be perfect. But once I got the mask cut out I didn't think it worked so well. So on to the next! I chose a softer scalloped edge.

 Step 3: The Inking.

The photo on the left is my first attempt. What if I lightly went over the whole image. I was amazed at how little I liked the way it turned out. So then...Oooh I could use the cut out of the mask and use it to cover up the image and ink around it!

Step 4:

As you can see I liked it. so I matted the image and colored it in with my beloved Copic Markers. Then the next adventure was.. I had this beautiful image, colored, matted and glitter penned. What do I do with her now? Should I make a card? A Scrapbook Page? A Tag perhaps?  Then it hit me...Thanksgiving is coming up and with Thanksgiving comes food...lots and lots of food. And what do you do when you have a lot of people and a lot of food?  You create a Buffet!

                              Step 5:
After matting the image on a piece of golden card stock. I printed out the Pumpkin Pie sign and then inked the edges of that. Added a pretty brown bow and a Pumpkin Pie.

Ok so here is the Pumpkin Pie Adventure Story:
I ordered a beautiful pumpkin pie from our local grocer. The pie was beautifully decorated. I was so happy because I could get the pictures done ahead of schedule and in some outstanding lighting. Well I happily took this beautiful pie to the register to pay for it. At this point I handed the pie to the clerk and since the price tag was not on the top of the box the clerk flipped it over. Yes he took my perfect pumpkin pie and flipped it over. The shoppers in line behind me gasped. I was like "Seriously? You really just Seriously flipped my pie?"  So then I was thinking...OMG I have this beautiful pumpkin pie sign and no beautiful pumpkin pie.  So running to another store...I got this pumpkin pie...that is half the size of the first pumpkin pie, twice the money and didn't come decorated. So I had to figure out how to put the whipped cream on the pie!  How did I do?

Let me know and leave some love.  And get ready for that Thanksgiving Buffet!!


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